Why this blog?

Your teacher’s joining you with this blog: a place where WE‘re all invited to leave a message or write an essay, to improve our listening skills, to exchange materials or share ideas and opinions. (cit. “By doing so we feel part of something much larger than ourselves and that is cool).  All in English, of course! Isn’t it challenging?

Quoting Mr. Walker: “…with English you can become part of a wider conversation — a global conversation about global problems, like climate change or poverty, or hunger or disease… And now English is becoming the language of problem-solving. Not because America is pushing it, but because the world is pulling it. So English mania is a turning point…

Who is Mr. Walker?  Watch the video I linked below and you’ll find out.


Enjoy yourself!

Mrs D.






  1. Well done Mrs Gianna! If it is ok with you… I will certainly “copy” some of your material from your blog. Everything is so interesting!
    BTW, I love your Stephen King’s quote 😉

    Mi piace


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